A few more!


A lovely portrait from Stefany Maldonado.

Jonathan Barker reminds us of a great quote from Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

Frakenstein on the set of TNG by John Hazard


Jason McPherson shares Picard’s secret to looking good.

Mark Shyzer wrote a beautiful ballad for the beautiful bald Captain.

Picard is looking rather fierce in this drawing by Kevin Horsley!

Timothy Winchester supplies us with another great comic ode to our favourite Starfleet Captain!

Jean-Luc among the stars, shinning bright by Jade Gordon!

Tele sent in the tea loving Captain spending some time with Data’s feline friend, Spot.

Karen H. Brown shows us a Brotastic side of Captain Picard.

I decided to have Q take part in the Captain Picard Day Festivities this year!

Colleen Frakes (no relation to Jonathan Frakes) reminds us all of what a showman Jean-Luc Picard can be.

Katya sends us off with that famous phrase!

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to submit something to celebrate this great day and visited the blog! You guys are the greatest and I couldn’t have done it without you! Happy Picard Day everyone!

We got such a great response for Captain Picard Day last year! I hope you all will consider sending in your Picard Arts again!

Every year Captain Picard Day is celebrated on June 16th. This year let’s commemorate it with some art devoted to the one of the bestest, baldest, and badassiest Star Trek captains around. If you would like to submit some illustrations, comics, or crafty stuff that feature Captain Picard and his special day, just send it in an email to me at travaleATgmailDOTcom with ‘Picard Day’ in the subject line. Make sure to include your name so I can credit your work and a link to a website or blog if you have one. Starting on June 16th and until June 23th I’ll be posting up the submissions, making it a Captain Picard Day week long celebration. I hope you all will spread the word and send something in!

Picard Day #7


Jonathan Barker sent in this poster that would totally recruit me into Starfleet.

Jared Gonzales provides proof that Picard is a tough as nails robot wrangler.

The very last Picard in celebration of Picard Day Week was sent it by Arlene!

Thanks so much to everyone that helped celebrate my favourite role model! You guys are the best, and see you next year!

Picard Day #6


Jean Luc is number 72 inTinymeat™’s 1000 faces project, but he’s number one in our hearts.

John Martz drew this Picard on his on his iPad, which is totally futuristic Star Trek technology.

Mark Thisse gets literal with this Picard art!

Picard Day #5


Yien Yip send in a Picard. Get it? PiCARD? It’s beautiful and punny!

Vince Hardy put together a Picard papercraft that he downloaded here! Go make your own!

Victoria Petite did this big painting! I would hang this over my fireplace for sure.

There’s still time to submit a Picard! Send yours to travale@gmail.com Make it so!

Picard Day #4


Eric Hancock looks at the softer side of Picard in this dreamy tea party drawing.

Beth Maher says “I kinda love that french naval uniform look, and the idea that it is what all French people wear, everyday. And Jean-Luc is pretty darn French (when he isn’t pretending to be British).”

Jess Fink made some fashionable earrings.

And so did Amy Lynn!

Josh Eklund shows us that there are far more pros than cons when you think about Captain Picard, naturally!