Happy Captain Picard Day!


Thanks so much to everyone who’s been emailing me their submissions! There’s still time to send something in since I’m going to be posting up Picard arts for the next week. He’s rad enough to have a whole week devoted to him, I figure!

There are four lights!

Tyler Gunter sent in this amazing flash game. Click on the above image, or right here to play it! In his words “It is kind of messed up, but it is meant to represent captain picard’s torture at the hands of evil cardassians… in a very bizarre and silly and confusing way. It may be awful, but if it is, then it’s sort of appropriate considering what the kids made for captain picard in that episode.”

Shake it like a polaroid picard picture

Laurence Vagner sent in this inspired polaroid from France. That’s where Captain Jean Luc Picard is from too!

In watercolours

Jori Baldwin has captured the shape of the Captains head perfectly, don’t you agree? No mis-shapen orange stuff going on here.

Lounging like a boss

Karl Clay illustrated this on white vellum, then hand-cut it with an X-acto and laid over a black board! You can’t pay tribute to Picard without giving props to Patrick Stewart, the actor that played him on the show. He was just knighted by the Queen of England! So I guess that means he’s Sir Patrick Stewart now!

the tea isn't the only thing that's hot!

Colleen MacIsaac says “I love a man who loves his tea”. I second that statement big time. I like to think that ‘Tea, Earl Grey, Hot’ is the official drink of Captain Picard Day. I know I’ll be drinking a pot of it today!

OK! So make sure to wish all your friends and family and even your enemies a Happy Captain Picard Day! Maybe watch some Star Trek: Next Generation, or say “Make it so” a lot! You could even bust out some markers and draw a portrait of that awesome role model and send it in to me at travale@gmail.com and I’ll post it up here for all to enjoy! Check back in tomorrow for even more totally rad Captain Picard tributes!


4 Responses to “Happy Captain Picard Day!”

  1. 1 Meggory

    Leenie, nicely done.

    She also does a heck of a comic Janeway.

  2. 2 Drew

    how do i share something!?

    did that about 8 months ago, it sits on my monitor every day!

  3. How do you “win” that flash game?

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