Picard Day #3


Lucy Knisley illustrates that a comfortable chair is essential for great captaining.

Chris Dugan sent in this great poster parody featuring Picard.

Craig Arndt shows us a subtler side of his appreciation of Jean Luc.

Greg Williams sent in this crazy wiggly photo of a Picard/Locutus of Borg figure that is probably going to hypnotize you!

Regina Legaspi not only did a watercolour portrait of a role model, but she also made an awesome frame to put it in that shows off his favourite things!

Keep sending in your Picarldly arts! There’s still lots more to come!


One Response to “Picard Day #3”

  1. 🙂 I really like the “Many Faces of Picard”!!! Thanks for all the work you put into this collection, Lucy!!!

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