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Picard Day #7


Jonathan Barker sent in this poster that would totally recruit me into Starfleet. Jared Gonzales provides proof that Picard is a tough as nails robot wrangler. The very last Picard in celebration of Picard Day Week was sent it by Arlene! Thanks so much to everyone that helped celebrate my favourite role model! You guys […]

Picard Day #6


Jean Luc is number 72 inTinymeat™’s 1000 faces project, but he’s number one in our hearts. John Martz drew this Picard on his on his iPad, which is totally futuristic Star Trek technology. Mark Thisse gets literal with this Picard art!

Picard Day #5


Yien Yip send in a Picard. Get it? PiCARD? It’s beautiful and punny! Vince Hardy put together a Picard papercraft that he downloaded here! Go make your own! Victoria Petite did this big painting! I would hang this over my fireplace for sure. There’s still time to submit a Picard! Send yours to Make […]

Picard Day #4


Eric Hancock looks at the softer side of Picard in this dreamy tea party drawing. Beth Maher says “I kinda love that french naval uniform look, and the idea that it is what all French people wear, everyday. And Jean-Luc is pretty darn French (when he isn’t pretending to be British).” Jess Fink made some […]

Picard Day #3


Lucy Knisley illustrates that a comfortable chair is essential for great captaining. Chris Dugan sent in this great poster parody featuring Picard. Craig Arndt shows us a subtler side of his appreciation of Jean Luc. Greg Williams sent in this crazy wiggly photo of a Picard/Locutus of Borg figure that is probably going to hypnotize […]

Picard Day #2


Stephen Brooks felt inspired to create this Captain Picard head here! Timothy Winchester reminds us all through this comic that you better do what Picard says or he’ll make a disappointed face at you and that is THE WORST! Picard, Captain, HOT! Am I right, or am I right? This spicy submission is courtesy of […]

Picard videos!


Picard explores the future of musical composition