Jason McPherson shares Picard’s secret to looking good.

Mark Shyzer wrote a beautiful ballad for the beautiful bald Captain.

Picard is looking rather fierce in this drawing by Kevin Horsley!

Timothy Winchester supplies us with another great comic ode to our favourite Starfleet Captain!

Jean-Luc among the stars, shinning bright by Jade Gordon!

Tele sent in the tea loving Captain spending some time with Data’s feline friend, Spot.

Karen H. Brown shows us a Brotastic side of Captain Picard.

I decided to have Q take part in the Captain Picard Day Festivities this year!

Colleen Frakes (no relation to Jonathan Frakes) reminds us all of what a showman Jean-Luc Picard can be.

Katya sends us off with that famous phrase!

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to submit something to celebrate this great day and visited the blog! You guys are the greatest and I couldn’t have done it without you! Happy Picard Day everyone!


5 Responses to “HAPPY PICARD DAY!”

  1. Wow, so sorry I missed this! I’m still a huge Star Trek fan and Captain Picard is definitely my favorite!

  2. 2 tobansch

    Happy Picard Day!

  1. 1 Captain Picard Day! | rosemarytravale.ca
  2. 2 hutna.com

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