Picard Day #2


picard head!

Stephen Brooks felt inspired to create this Captain Picard head here!

Make it so OR ELSE

Timothy Winchester reminds us all through this comic that you better do what Picard says or he’ll make a disappointed face at you and that is THE WORST!


Picard, Captain, HOT! Am I right, or am I right? This spicy submission is courtesy of Jeremia!

space the final frontier

Pat Lewis totally drew Picard in my favourite of all the uniforms he wore through Next Gen. It’s the classiest one, in my opinion!


Doug ran this comic yesterday to celebrate Captain Picard Day! Geordi LaForge does what he’s got to do to keep the Captain happy!


2 Responses to “Picard Day #2”

  1. 1 E

    That comic is the best. 😀 NO DISAPPOINTED FACE PLZ

  2. Glad to participate in a day celebrating the greatest captain the Enterprise has ever seen… that’s right… I said it!

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