Picard Day #4


Eric Hancock looks at the softer side of Picard in this dreamy tea party drawing.

Beth Maher says “I kinda love that french naval uniform look, and the idea that it is what all French people wear, everyday. And Jean-Luc is pretty darn French (when he isn’t pretending to be British).”

Jess Fink made some fashionable earrings.

And so did Amy Lynn!

Josh Eklund shows us that there are far more pros than cons when you think about Captain Picard, naturally!


One Response to “Picard Day #4”

  1. They’re all great but I love that first one! It’s just really cute.
    And Jean-Luc’s french name is a con? Clearly you’re mistaken, Josh. French names are sexy, oh oui mon bon monsieur!

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